My book: Kanban from the Inside

My book Kanban from the Inside was published in September 2014 by Blue Hole Press, publishers of David Anderson’s Kanban book, aka the “blue book”. Complete with an awesome foreword by Luke Hohmann, it is available in paperback and now on Kindle on,, and and (no doubt) other amazons also. A PDF e-book is also available via the store.

In a two-sentence summary: understand the Kanban Method, connect it with familiar models such as Lean, Agile, and Theory of Constraints, and learn how to implement it step-by-step in your organization. Learn practical techniques to apply the Kanban Method, always considering the context of your situation and the people involved.

In a bit more detail, here’s a short slideshare:

We can handle bulk orders and can produce corporate branded versions with your logo on the cover and your message on an inside page. Enquiries to You can enquire after my own availability there also.

For regular updates, follow the dedicated Twitter account @KanbanInside.

3 thoughts on “My book: Kanban from the Inside

  1. @Peter the worst thing of ebook readers (I bought David Anderson through my Kobo, some months ago), is that you can’t have signed copies… at least not signed by authors but (sometimes) by DRM!
    Very glad that Anderson’s books was not DRM’ed.

    Mike, waiting for your book on Kobo.

  2. Great articles on this website – thank you! In fact, I might just have to pick up your book. I ended up here because our Kanban teacher was unable to answer the question “how do I determine lead time when the size of items varies widely”. Your answer of Class of Service seems to fit the bill. Many thanks!

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