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September 23, 2012

Kanban the Hard Way

I’m just back from a fantastic Lean Agile Scotland, many thanks to Chris McDermott and team for putting together a great event.

The slides for my talk “Kanban the Hard Way” are now up on Slideshare.  In overview:

  1. Kanban works on your organisation – visual management, self-organisation, the knowledge discovery process
  2. Kanban works on your process – pull systems, leverage points, interventions
  3. Kanban works on your system – models for evolutionary change, the Kanban Method and its debt to Systems Thinking, Lean and TOC

I’ve given this talk several times now, sprinting through it as a webinar in half an hour, presenting it in the typical 45-minute conference slot (Lean/Kanban Southern Europe, Lean Agile Scotland) and twice as a 90-minute tutorial (BCS Manchester, Agile North). It’s an introductory talk that never fails to provoke good questions from experienced people too and I always enjoy giving it.

New in this iteration was a reference to Lean Software Strategies by Peter Middleton and my friend Jim Sutton.  I love their advice to treat any stakeholder who holds any kind of a veto over your delivery (my words, not theirs) as a customer. Not only will you do a better job of capturing requirements, it’s very good risk management advice too. The CFD on slide 30 shows what happens when you don’t pay enough attention to this.

Do get in touch by email if you would like to see the notes as well as the slides.  I never present it quite the same way twice so you might not recognise the talk you heard, but they should help with recalling the main concepts. Drop me a line also if you’d be interested in hearing this talk at your organisation or event.

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